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Come together for the First Justice League Trailer: Superfriends Unite.

After a week of teases, the world finally gets a look at the very first trailer for the Justice League Movie. Let’s break it down.

Here We Go:

Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is very worried about threats to the Earth coming from Space. (In spite of, or probably because of, Superman being dead now) Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman Says that the threat is already here. Time to form the Justice League.

Justice League Bruce WayneJustice League Diana PrinceJustice league Wonder WomanJustice League Batman

The “threat” would seem to be the Mother Box. A sentient Supercomputer which appears in the trailer, and was last seen being gruesomely applied to a young boy in Batman V Superman. (This is how you get Cyborg in this universe.) There are glowing, winged, cybernetic, humanoid figures being shown off as the main threat in the trailer, so it’s a good bet that these two things are connected.

So, Wonder Woman and Batman want to round up the world’s heroes to fight whatever monsters are coming.  We’ve already seen Bats, and Wonder Woman will have had a whole movie by the time this comes out, so let’s look at the new recruits.

In order, and set to “Come Together” by Aerosmith. we have you Justice League:
Arthur Curry, “The Aquaman” (Jason Momoa)

Justice League Aquaman Headshot


They are pushing Jason Momoa HARD in this trailer. He gets most of the good lines, most of the better action scenes. They really want people to take Aquaman Seriously. Which is fair, as he’s probably one of the biggest actual threats on the team. We also get to see a brief shot of Amber Heard’s Mera, Aquaman’s Queen.

We see him rescue a fisherman, stand against a tidal wave, trade barbs with Batman and perform sick trident stunts.

Justice League Aquaman Wave Justice League Aquaman RescueJustice league Mera

Victor Stone, “Cyborg” (Ray Fisher)

Justice League Cyborg Profile


Cyborg, if the footage from BvS and this trailer is any indication, seems to be a walking plot device. He’s been created by merging a mother box onto his mangled body, and so we end up with a Superhero. He gets the short end of the stick here, getting a few good moments, but seems to be being hidden for plot reasons. (That’s probably his Creator and dad about to be murdered in the opening moments of the trailer.)

Justice League Cyborg Hood Justice League Cyborg Dad

Barry Allen, “The Flash” (Ezra Miller)

Justice League Flash

Weirdly, doesn’t get called the Flash in this trailer. Unlike the others. I guess they thought people would just know by now because of the CW show? Anyway, he goes fast, he makes jokes. He has a middling to poor costume. He seems to be getting a lot of set up for his own movie here too, with his backstory involving an imprisoned dad being shown off.

Justice League Flash Recruit Justice League Flash DadJustice League Barry Allen

In addition to all of that, we get a few shots that suggest the direction of the story. Justice League looks like it will be going Big.
Wonder Woman leading a charge of amazons against a huge army feels like a shot that is coming straight out of the end of the film. Also probably my favourite shot.

Justice League Amazon Charge


Amy Adam’s Lois Lane being shown off (plus the first damn poster) says that the Superman’s story isn’t over yet.


Justice League Lois Lane

And J.K Simmons is a fantastic casting call for Commissioner Gordon.

Justice League Batman

All in all, there’s a lot to take in here. The colour palette hasn’t changed, with most of the film still being muted and scaled down. However, the huge environments and fight scenes suggest that there’s going to be a lot more fantasy in Justice League than the rest of the DCEU. For better or for Worse.



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