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EA now has a huge uphill battle in the minds of the general audience and media following the Battlefront 2 Microtransaction Brouhaha. What do we expect for them to bring to the Table for E3 2018? What are our E3 EA Predictions?

Battlefield V:

Revealed earlier this month, Battlefield V is likely to make up quite a bit of EA’s barrage of positive coverage. After a trailer that was more full of hints than explanation, EA is likely to show us a full video of Gameplay for Battlefield V. Which will likely include the fortifications and squad based gameplay.  We can also probably expect to see at least a hint of the War Stories for this game, likely a trailer for one of the mini narratives.

All in all, this one is pretty much guaranteed. All that might vary is how much we see in EA’s conference and how much you’ll see in Microsoft’s.

EA E3 Predictions Sports
EA Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports

EA Sports will have their four to five games. We can expect FIFA, especially with the world cup. We can expect Madden. We can expect NBA 2018. We can likely expect PGA tour. Maybe UFC?

All of these will likely have new technical improvements of some kind and some kind of meaningful story based campaign mode.


EA E3 Predictions Anthem

The latest game from Bioware, we actually know exactly what’s coming for this one.

1. A New Trailer
2. More Gameplay
3. Combat Showcase
4. Developer Insights
5. Concept Art/ Production Materials

Most of this could have been anticipated, but it is always nice to see Devs get time to be humanised.

We saw it in Trailer/gameplay form last year, so it will be interesting to see if anything’s changed dramatically. Otherwise, the game has now been delayed till Q1/Q2 2019, so I’d imagine this game to be getting less of a focus than might be expected.
Hopefully we see more of that Iron Man style flying and gameplay, in a format that actually seems like it might see release.

Independent EA Games.

By all reports, Fe and A Way Out were some storming successes for EA. I’d hope they’d follow up these with some more experimental titles.
As for what they are, anything’s possible. Hopefully.

A Racing game of some sort.

We only had Need For Speed Payback last year, but it would be unlikely for EA to go a year without some form of driving.
Maybe the fact that Burnout Remastered was only just remastered offers some hope and hints here. Any form of Burnout game is excellent, but if they wanted to really please people, a new entry from Criterion would be perfect. (Or a remaster of Burnout Revenge, if you specifically want to please me.)

New Skate Game

A late addition, people have noticed that Skate 3’s servers have been reactivated. Does this hint that we’re getting a new Skate game?

People seem to be asking for it, so it’s likely as anything else.

The Sims:

There’s unlikely to be a new game, as 4 is still deep in the expansion pack life cycle. However, we might see some of those expansion packs, including the recently announced Seasons.


These aren’t likely to appear at all, but we can dream right?

Dragon Age 4:

Bioware have been hinting that Dragon Age 4 is being worked on for a while, with a special focus on the Tevinter Imperium. It’s incredibly unlikely we get anything meaningful, especially with the focus on Anthem right now, but a tease is maybe possible.

Dead Space/Titanfall:

Haha, no. This won’t happen. Don’t be foolish.

New Star Wars Title:

I would doubt this. While it’s possible that we get a trailer for whatever Motive Games are working on, they’re going to be struggling to not have Star Wars and EA inevitably linked to Battlefront. Maybe safer to reveal this one at a later date.

All in all, in terms of E3 EA Predictions, this is probably one of the safer bets for E3 2018. They’ll be resting on their tentpole titles, and there shouldn’t be too much to surprise. As they’re in damage control mode, expect lots of good faith “gamer influencer” types to appear so that they’ll rub off their popularity on the publisher.

EA’s Conference will be available to watch online on Saturday, June 9th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST / 4 AM AEST (June 10)

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