Spiderman Homecoming Title

New Spiderman Homecoming trailer swings into the scene!

We finally have some idea of what the plot for Spiderman homecoming will be, thanks to the new trailer. Let’s break it down.

There’s a lot to like here.

Peter getting into the new modern suit, in an alley, and then rushing off to save the day while enjoying his fame is peak Spiderman, with a real sense of charisma. This is a kid who loves being Spiderman. Maybe too much. (See Below)

We need to see more Peter though. The High School angle is a great way to show off how Peter Parker is different to Spiderman.  The quips and jokes in the suit are important. Having all those scenes with his friend and just allowing the character to breathe outside the mask should give the story a lot more flexibility to define Peter though.

Spiderman Homecoming FriendSpiderman Homecoming Reveal
That shot of the ferry looks the second act sequence, where Spiderman learns that great power comes with great responsibility, and Stark is forced to take away his suit. I’m thrilled with this. Firstly, for this shot:

Spiderman Homecoming Reference

Because one of the greatest scenes in a superhero film is the train scene in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2, and this looks like a fresh take on it. I’m thrilled with this idea. The decision to have Spiderman have all the toys taken away and lose the protection of Iron Man is a great story move too. (Also, the homemade spider suit looks excellent. It may be partly to sell more toys, but Peter Parker is supposed to be clever. Working out solutions on the fly is his thing.)

Spiderman Homecoming Iron Man

Spiderman in this universe is a kid. He really shouldn’t be fighting avengers level battles at this point in his career. He should be figuring out how he wants to be a hero and what that means. In comparison, the villains in this movie look simple and straightforward.

Vulture is just a criminal. He wants to protect his “family”. He’ll do what has to be done. Michael Keaton looks evil and his suit looks like a perfect example of translating comic costumes onto the screen.

Spiderman Homecoming Michael KeatonSpiderman Homecoming Vulture

Those shots of the bridge explosion look like they’ll probably be the testing of the “alien” weapons being built out of chitauri tech from the first avengers movie.
Solid guess would be that those bank robbers spidey stopped in trailer one decide to escalate their activities as a result of all these superheroes. The Vulture (and seemingly a version of The Shocker) suggest that spideys villains will definitely be a part of this. And that’s great. We don’t have enough low level criminals to inspire super heroics yet. Even the Netflix series have been grand conspiracies.  Let Criminals be Criminals.

My one concern is how dark the film is looking. Vulture literally says he’s going to murder a kid and everyone that he loves. Then we have this shot:

Spiderman Homecoming Fight

Looks just brutal enough to be acceptable. I don’t want to see a kid getting bloody and bruised. Conflict is good, and high stakes increase audience interest but still. He’s a kid.

Also, We still don’t know who Zendaya Coleman is playing for sure. (Kissing Spiderman is not a one person type of deal) They’ve been pretty coy that she’s not Mary Jane, so it’s likely that they want to go with a slightly different angle. While I don’t necessarily fully buy the Ms Marvel theory, another teenage hero isn’t the worst plan.

What makes a hero? Is it powers? Is it technology? Is it being willing to make the play when the time comes? Or will you stand up and do what’s right, even when everyone around you tells you that it’s wrong?

Good Questions. Hopefully this movie lets us find out.


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