EA Experience 2016 

June 12, 2016 Conor Caulfield 3

Pre-E3 Pre Amble. Not technically going with a conference this year, EA is hosting EA Play Events in Los Angeles and London, but also broadcasting their new trailers in a timed message around about the same moment. So nothing really changed then for the majority of the audience watching at home.


June 11, 2016 Conor Caulfield 0

So E3 this year has begun early, with multiple new titles all being unveiled in the weeks prior to the event. The thinking behind all of this is that the games won’t be lost in the crush of the main conferences, or get overshadowed by bigger, more entertaining announcements. So in that respect, let’s look at this crush of games that all hit at once and that I’m gonna lump together.

Spring Nintendo Direct

March 3, 2016 Conor Caulfield 0

Directly to you. Through me. So shall we try that again? No Pokemon to steal the show this time. Nintendo Direct for the 3rd of March 2016, covering all the games of spring and summer. Presumably this will be taking us right up to E3 and the NX announcement. Speaking of which, no news here. They’re holding off on that, even more so than expected. This does mean that if we don’t hear too much about Zelda WiiU here, I’ll be putting more faith in those rumours about the NX and the double platform launch.

Lego Avengers Review: Needs more Assembly.

February 10, 2016 Conor Caulfield 0

I really wanted this game to be great. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (the predecessor to this game) was a slightly flawed, but delightfully enchanting entry in the Lego X franchise, with it’s capacity for whimsy, huge cast of Marvel Characters and a whole island of Manhattan to have characters like Spiderman and Hulk fight and wander over.

Lego Avengers is in many ways a step back.

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