Russian Ruffians, Sensory Horror and Stop Motion Majesty: Your guide to the week in Pop Culture

Time for another round up of films, games and anything else that catches my eye, starting from Sunday 4th September.

Monday 5th September

Mother Russia Bleeds



Another week, another Devolver Digital published release. This pixelated beat em up uses an alternate Soviet Russia as it’s setting, with a grimy Hotline Miami style brutality as a garnish on top of Streets of Rage style gameplay.


Bleed for Mother Russia on September 5th, from GOG, Steam and Humble Store


Wednesday September 7


Ben-Hur (3D) 



I’m sure that this film will be just as compelling and memorable as the 1959 version. And that we will all definitely not have forgotten about it by next week.

Start your Chariots on September 7th


Thursday 8th September

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit Of Justice 

In a distant land, Phoenix Wright faces a new type of Challenge, trials without Lawyers. Using the local customs of divining the final moments of the deceased, the travelling lawyer must find a way to prove his client’s innocence.

Raise your OBJECTION! on September 8th on the 3DS Eshop


Jotun: Valhalla Edition



You are Thora, a norse warrior who died an inglorious death. You don’t get to go to Valhalla. That is, unless you can prove yourself to the Gods in battle, and earn your place there.

With stunning hand drawn animation, this isometric action game heads to consoles with the addition of a boss rush mode.


Impress the Gods on PS4, Xbox One and WiiU on September 8th


The Tomorrow Children



Another game with a distinctly Russian theme, this time join an online community as you try to rebuild humanity from disaster, mining resources and building up your location. Mine, collect and explore, all the while defending yourself and your comrades from the terrible gargantuan Izverg, monsters seeking to wipe the last remnants of humanity off the map.

The game will eventually be going Free To Play on PS4, but Starting on September 6, The Tomorrow Children’s early access Founders Pack will be offered for a limited time at a limited price until the official launch.


Project Highrise

A very specific kind of 2D strategy game. Take on the role of an architect and building owner as you try and build and manage a skyscraper, drawing in investors and companies, and trying to keep them happy enough to keep paying rent.
Think of it as a very condensed city management game.


Start building Skyward on Steam on the 8th September



Just Sing

A Karaoke game without all the peripherals cluttering up the house. Join in the games using only the free smartphone app to sync up with your friends in the room. In addition, use your smartphone camera to record video of you singing, or lip syncing along.

A party game for the smartphone generation, Just Sing will be out on PS4 and Xbox One from the 9th September.


The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition

The latest version of the massively multi-player online game, this time with the four DLC packs plus some in game boosts.  This will include:
Imperial City
Thieves Guild
Dark Brotherhood
Palomino horse mount
500 crowns to spend in the in-game Crown Store for new game accounts

Designed to help new players jump right in, if you’ve been waiting for the game to be accessible, This is your best chance so far.  

Choose your path through Tamriel on the 9th September on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


Films on Friday 9th




A historical thriller with Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy, chronicling the events of Operation Anthropoid, the assassination attempt on SS General Reinhard Heydrich. A stellar cast about a truly compelling historical story, and the chilling aftermath.


Don’t Breathe 



The end of Summer means it’s time for the horror movies to come thick and fast. Don’t Breathe has a clever concept, with a bunch of wayward kids attempting to rob a blind guy, only to discover he’s incredibly competent with his other senses, and dangerous as a result. This one is out in the states already to mixed reviews, but horror gets that a lot, so best to make your own mind up.  


Kubo And The Two Strings



Being hailed in the US as an incredible feat of Cinema, Laika (of Coraline and ParaNorman fame) turn their hand to yet another stop motion fantasy adventure about a young boy who, after summoning an ancient demon, must set out on a quest to save his family, and discover the truth about his mysterious father.

Supposedly, the stop motion on this one is the highest calibre yet committed to film.  Definitely worth a watch.


Hell Or High Water 

A heist movie set in the American south, this the tale of two brothers, Chris Pine and Ben Foster, robbing banks to save their family farm, and the two texas rangers, Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham sent to stop them.

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