Saints Row 2 Free

Saints Row 2 free on PC this Weekend for Steam and GoG!

A sale is happening on all the Saint’s Row games this weekend for PC, and you can get one of the best entries in the series, Saints Row 2, for free!

A long time ago now, Grand Theft Auto 4 came out. It had a dour plot, darkly sarcastic humour, and problems with controls and level design. Instead, someone else stepped up to the plate to play the absurdity crime fantasy game. Enter Volition and Saints Row 2.

Saints Row had been a little clunky and crass, trying to match Grand Theft Auto’s gameplay and style. Saints Row 2 decided to be better. By embracing the silliness and chaos of the sandbox genre, the game earned a legion of fans. In particular, the fantastically in depth character creator allowed for a level of personalisation that GTA couldn’t compete with.
In many ways, Saints Row 2 helped codify many of the features of sandbox shooters that are the norm now. Why not see them done well here?

So now, thanks to Deep Silver looking to remind everyone about the franchise, you can grab out the Saints Row 2 free on Good Old Games¬†(which will be yours forever, no restrictions) or on Steam¬†where all the usual restrictions will apply. Just make sure to download it by the end of the offer, then it’s yours to play with.

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