Sony Conference Wrap Up

Uncharted 4 is the big draw here, alongside No Man’s Sky, both of which we will be hoping for release dates and new gameplay.

Volume will probably make a new appearance, Mike Bithell is about the conference with a build.

Bloodborne expansion should be coming up soon enough, hints here to take advantage of the games ridiculous sales.

We may see Destiny stuff here, and the lack of Call of Duty stuff in Microsoft’s conference makes me suspect that exclusivity has switched sides.

Morpheus maybe? Some sort of answer to Microsoft’s news in the last few weeks.

We do have news that Fallout 4 is probably going to feature mods as well as the Xbone.

In addition, Sony’s conference last year had serious pacing issues, hopefully this year will be slightly more apt.

First game, long awaited, Is this Last Guardian? HOLY SHIT ITS LAST GUARDIAN.

Boy and Dog monster in stunning temple esque landscape.Puzzle platforming.
Very first game is Last Guardian. 2016. Yoshida tells us he has waited years to show us that.

New IP from Guerilla Games. Cave paintings, of “the ones that came before” Post apocalyptic, nature has reclaimed the earth, Female narrator and main character, cybernetic alien creatures, bigger than trees.
Third person action game. Character is hunting, Bow combat against huge monsters, weak point based combat, shooting off armour to reach internals. Horizon: Zero Dawn. Trailer ends of giant crow ambushing player

Square Enix, It’s Hitman. Agent 47 running through a forest and cutting to assassinations. CG trailer.

Exotic locations, Console and PC, Beta first on Playstation 4. 6 unique contracts as part of DLC for PS4

Street Fighter V

New challengers, Birdie/Cammy. Pre Order for Beta Access. Exclusive to Playstation July 23rd.

No Man’s Sky time. “Expands the notion of the word scale” Time to see how this plays. Begins in the centre of a huge space battle. Can take whichever side you would like. Every point of light is a sun with a solar system. This game is huge, we know that, we know it’s all about exploration. SHOW US THE BASE GAMEPLAY.

Scans of planets show points of interest. Should help focus.
Every planet is fully destructible, first person shooter elements, Sentinels protect planets from explorers. Playstation Console only. No release date announced.

Media Molecule designing something about lucid dreaming, Called Dreams. You can explore the dreams of others, and share your own. Immediacy is key. Motion controls allow for painting, Watercolour, beautiful hand drawn design work. Puppeteering of your designs by moving the controller. Paris Game Week for more. This looks so strange, multiple genres, cute polar bears followed by sci fi chases, then a teddy bear with a sledgehammer fighting zombies. Dream like inconsistency

Firewatch. Been looking forward to this for a while. Mystery game from Campo Santo. Lookout exploring a park and talking to a voice over an internet connection and investigating mysteries and situations in the park. This looks fantastic, writing is very solid from what I’ve seen.

Activision. Destiny time. This should be The Taken King Expansion with any luck. Yep. Called it. 15/9/15 New gear, multiplayer map, strike missions.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Is this the Gameplay Ubi wouldn’t show us? Nope.

Oh, time to see Evie here. Fantastic. In engine footage, Cane Sword, throwing knives.

Tetsuo Nomura game. FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE first on ps4

Devolver digital. 4 new games. Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing Souls

Standard varied devolver fare, lots of genres, styles. All entertaining.

Talk of Kickstarter now. PC and PS4 reboot of a franchise. SHENMUE 3?!?!

Shenmue 3 being funded through Kickstarter. Wow. The fate of shenmue is in your hands now. Crowd is loving this. Kickstarter launched live on stage.

Batman talk, just to make sure we are ready before next week. Joker being cremated in CG trailer. “This is how the Batman died.” Power struggle in Gotham. Playable sequence with a cop in a diner. Look its a scarecrow sequence in first person shooting what seem like zombies, but probably aren’t. PS4 exclusive Scarecrow nightmare missions.

Morpheus. Does Sony have an answer for Microsoft’s latest news?

Time for a multiplayer experience.  Apparently people can play with dual shocks on a couch while one person wears the morpheus and has them in the same world they can see in VR

Rigs. E-sports, Morpheus style. Choice that adds value to the hardware.

Talking about Playstation Vue and Playstation Music. America news, you can buy single channels on VUE, no need for bundles. This is kinda cool.

Playstation and Activision. Looks like Microsoft lost the exclusivity rights…. Yep, Black Ops 3 is first on Playstation. Gameplay reveal.Starting in a crashed ship. 4 player mission.Sliding, diving, jumping. Mobility is the name of the game here. Wall running too. ABilities allowing control of drones amongst other effects.

Multiplayer first look, wide array of environments, maps designed around the movement options. Vaguely reminiscent of Titanfall. Swimming in multiplayer.

Playstation now has the DLC first, and the beta in august first. Confirmed.. Playstation is the new home of Call of Duty.

Montage of footage of all games we have seen, plus Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Until Dawn, Ratchet and Clank PS4, Metal Gear Solid V.

Battlefront time. Are we seeing more of that Hoth demo? Oh, not battlefront, Disney Infinity 3.0 and the star wars additions. Twilight of the Republic or Rise of the Empire. Two playsets for the prequels and originals respectively

PS4 gets an exclusive bundle with an early release of Rise against the Empire a month before the others. Every major moment in the trilogies looks represented, plus a PS4 exclusive Boba Fett figure for the game.

Ah, now it’s Battlefront time.

Mode time. Battles/HeroBattle/Survival

Ooh, not Hoth. Tatooine. Really cool looking hologram of Admiral Ackbar narrating a version of Horde mode. I do appreciate that we keep hearing Wilhelm screams. It’s the little touches. Solo or co-op, local or online.

Finishing is…
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Gameplay. Hah, oh wow, the demo is definitely live, and this is the first failure of the season. A quick reboot and we’re back. Wandering through a market filled with people and waist high cover, before a quick Last of Us style gunfight. Destructible cover, verticality and takedowns from above. Bright and colourful level design. Into a vehicle section.

banter as level progresses.

And that brings us to a close. Okay, lots of reveals and gameplay here, not a huge amount of details on release dates and the like. But a start. Final Fantasy, Shenmue and Last Guardian can now all be added to the Duke Nukem Forever list of games that might one day actually exist after years of speculation. I suspect Black ops was meant to be a big sucker punch to microsoft, but with their backwards compatibility news and other stuff, nothing here seemed to have the impact.

Lot of good news though, and all of the new announcements are interesting and worth following at the least. A solid effort, but not their best work.

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