Ubisoft Conference Summary

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will be the big one here, gameplay sequence seems likely, I would hope very much we’ll be seeing the female assassin character, help smooth over last year’s faux pas.

In addition, the continuation of the Assassin Creed: Chronicle spin offs seems likely here.

Hopefully more from their indie teams, Grow Home, Valiant Hearts, Child of Light etc really made good grounds for Ubi in the last few years, so support for them would be lovely.

The Division is now really overdue for a confirmed ship date and more up to date gameplay displays, hopefully we get this soon.

Rainbow Six Siege will probably be big enough draw, looking to give a bit of Tom Clancy credibility to proceedings.

Here we go,
Aisha Tyler is presenting as far as I know, This is brilliant, very few people seem to have fun with these gigs like she does

South Park The Fractured, But Whole.

SUPERHERO TIME with coon and friends and professor chaos. I’m so onboard already.

Aisha Tyler is running the show again, and I love it.

Ubisoft San Francisco. making this.

Very great start.

Ubisoft and the year of constructive feedback. Best understatement of the show.

Surprise new IP in new Genre. For Honor as a title. All sorts of swordsmen, knights, vikings and samurai fighting across a variety of battlefields. Melee combat on a visceral battlefield. Art of battle system makes it work. Multiplayer game with Ubi’s traditional live demos.

This is reminding me a lot of a console version of Chivalry medieval warfare, maybe crossed with dynasty warriors for the ai characters? OH ITS A MOBA STYLE GAME.

Register for a chance for a beta

Expansion packs for:
The Crew: Wild Run: Off road vehicle expansion, monster trucks and championships called summits.

Trials Fusion, Awesome Level Max. Cat riding a flaming unicorn. Trials style craziness.

The Division: The Darkzone, a contaminated area of central Manhattan, that can turn into PVP/ No one can be trusted,
Gameplay showing snowy Manhattan, taking on other players at the same time as AI enemies for loot, lots of waist high cover around. Take out other players for their gear. Showcases a player betraying everyone and taking their gear.

Betas start early next year. Release date, March 8th 2016

Moon colonies in Anno 2205, earn the lunar landing as part of gameplay. Beta later this year.

Just Dance 2016. No camera needed on console any more. Just a smartphone now. And now an awkward music break with Jason Derulo. Oh this is a painful experience to listen and watch this. EVEN AISHA REFUSES TO PARTICIPATE. Jason derulo is so confused right now. OCtober on every platform, next gen gets a dance streaming service built in. New songs all year long.

Rainbow six siege gets a cool looking teaser trailer, terrorists as a plotline. Six, played by Angela Bassett, gonna be the voice with an internet connection

Solo and Co-op Terrohunt vs AI

More scripted gameplay, but abseiling is cool, as is window attacks. Showcasing the drones as movement around the map. Sledge does a lot to clear walls, breaching looks super fun here.

This looks like a great game mode, I’m a sucker for terrorist hunt.

Beta starts Sept 24th, PVP and TerroHunt.

Trackmania Turbo, heading to next gen consoles. Its Trackmania at its best. Ridiculous physics defying courses and breakneck speeds. Random track button in the course designer.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

CG london trailer. Lots of environments, grappling hook and London looks suitably london-y.

No gameplay. Only demos at the tour locations and on the show floor.


Tom Clancy Ghost Recon WildLands.

Lots of open ended approaches to situations presented. Massive open world, vehicles, drones, lush environments. Third and first person gameplay.
Okay, Rainbow Six: Siege, South Park and then Ghost Recon. All good. The rest of this was awkward as anything and just felt strange all around. The dance sequence especially just made me cringe. No indie support here, so that’s disappointi

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