Game of the Year 2021

Game of the Year 2021

January 8, 2022 Conor 0

Game of The Year 2021 was a massive challenge to decide. Especially because 2021 continued 2020’s trend of the biggest budget publishers struggling to adapt to the difficulties of pandemic. But even against that there were hundreds of releases across all genres and scales. More games than anyone could reasonably play. But of those that did come out, and those I got to play, here’s the top ten.

Lake Title

Lake Review: Methodically Mellow Mail Delivery

September 11, 2021 Conor 1

It would be easy to dismiss Lake as another example of the “Pastoral Saviour” genre, akin to Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley. A stressed city slicker takes a break and goes out to the country to find themselves, their love and reset their life. They fix their life, and bring a little modern culture back to the boonies. You know this plot, because it’s also every other Hallmark movie.  But that would be doing Lake a disservice. Because it is sort of that, but presented so beautifully and interrogated in such a meaningful way that it’s hard not to fall for the quiet pines and placid Lake. 

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