Stream your favourite Playstation Games on PC with PS NOW!

August 24, 2016 Conor Caulfield 0

Sony have confirmed that their Playstation Now subscription network will be expanding to Windows PCs, initially in Europe and then moving to North America. The System allows users with compatible devices to stream whole games, Netflix style, to their PC or laptop. This offers a new opportunity for many people to play PS3 and Vita games which they may have missed out on in the last console generation, without having to deal with emulation or any of the associated issues.

Titanfall 2 Tech Test Starts Tomorrow!

August 18, 2016 Conor Caulfield 0

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that they will be laucnhing a tech test for Titanfall 2 on August 19th and run till August 21. A second test will then run from August 26th to the 28th. This will ostensibly be about testing the servers and making sure that the framework of the game will be able to stand up to the launch day pressure.

No Man’s Sky Review: A Universe of Moments

August 17, 2016 Conor Caulfield 1

No Man’s Sky, from the comparatively small team at Hello Games, is a game balancing on a tightrope. It is both indie and mainstream, confoundingly huge and yet incredibly personal. The game is straddling the lines of two of the biggest genres that exist in modern gaming, and not quite managing to exemplify either.

No Man’s Sky: Server Wipes and Delays

August 6, 2016 Conor Caulfield 0

No Man’s Sky, only a week away from its releases on PS4 and PC, has been undergoing a rash of news stories lately with the incredibly anticipated space exploration game having multiple copies leak before general release.

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