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Life is Strange 2 Review: My Brother, Some Bother and Me.

September 29, 2018 Conor 0

Life is Strange 2 had a tough act to follow. The first season was an adventure game based around time travel and decision making with “intensely” loved female teen characters. This is a road trip story starring two Hispanic brothers where the main draw is that the younger of the two must be looked after and taught by the older of the two. For the most part in Episode 1, it’s impressive how well the transition goes.

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Adventure Games and Life Is Strange

January 31, 2015 Conor Caulfield 2

So Adventure games.  There’s gonna be some spoilers here, I’ll try and keep them light for Life is Strange, but you should really have played The Walking Dead by now. Both are excellent, go ahead and play throughout them and then come back. This will probably make slightly more sense to you. If you just want a review, go play Life is Strange. It might not seem like your thing, but it’s fantastic because of that. This is a concise, focussed experience where character is king and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  

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