E3 Microsoft Conference 2018

E3 Microsoft Conference: Do you want to see some goddamned video games?!

9pm BST, E3 Microsoft Conference 2018 is go.

What will we see at the E3 Microsoft Conference 2018? By all reports, this is going to be the big one, with Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed and many other huge hitters supposedly in Microsoft’s arsenal.


Opening with in game engine footage of a whole bunch of game environments and areas. Halo. And Master Chief is present. HALO infinite.

Powered by the slipspace engine. Which is the spaceship propulsion system in that universe.

Presumably this is a new engine?

Master Chief in greatest adventure yet. Very small teaser.

Phil Spencer is talking about a lot of stuff, including how all E3 Fanfest tickets are having the proceeds donated to a charity.

Also talking about how games are captivating and bring people together.

Apparently we’re seeing 50 games, 18 of which have exclusivity and 15 world premieres.

Ori 2: (Exclusive)

Gorgeous family trailer, featuring a tiny baby owl, brutal looking wolf and Donkey Kong Esque carts.

Ori one was a looker, but this has some really spectacular visuals.

Xbox One and Windows 10

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice  

World Premiere.  2019

From Software and Activision making an undead cyborg samurai game.

Set in fantasy Japan, a from software game with movement abilities like grappling hooks.

Not to be trite, but this is Samurai Souls.


Todd Howard is here now. Fallout 4 on Xbox Gamepass available right now.

Exclusive world Premieres look at fallout 76.

Prequel, 4x size of Fallout 4.

West Virginia, first survivors leaving the vaults.

Trailer in monochrome of the nuke strikes.

Cinematic trailer. Trees and grass in this game. Same engine as fallout 4. Huge looking map.

Rebuilding hearts and minds and America itself.

Original power armour on display.

Setting only, we’ll see more at the bethesda conference.

Life Is Strange

June 26th, Free, The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit.

New Life is Strange Universe game from Don’t of . Tiny child who tells stories, and his imagination makes things look real.

Game about being a child.

Crackdown 3

Terry Crews is demanding our attention.

Sumo digital, and a bunch of gameplay on show. This looks like Crackdown. Bunch of gravity based powers.

And a bunch of silly weapons like a duck cannon means this has gone to Saints Row levels.

Nier Automata: Become as Gods

Full Xbox edition on 06/26/2018.

Metro Exodus

We know this is delayed. But there’s a hell of a good looking train in this game. Environments look excellent, ramshackle buildings and settlements.

Lots of mobility and gunplay on show here.

February 22nd release.

Phil Spencer now back, in the audience.


Kingdom Hearts 3

On Xbox.

Frozen world, Elsa and the others.

Tangled, monsters imc, wreck it Ralph worlds.

This looks really impressive. The art style is a near perfect depiction of each world.

I don’t understand this plot or script, but it’s real good looking

Sea Of Thieves

Preview of the upcoming expansions to the game.

New land revealed, the Forsaken Shores. Place of darkness, fire and Ash. Launching September.


Nordlys War Story.

Norwegian resistance fighter. Specific story of Nazis hunting individuals. Very short teaser.

FORZA: Horizons 4

Snowy lanscapes, multiple seasons. 4×4 and racing. Set in Britain. Shared Open World, seasons change “everything.”

Settings all over Britain, including coastines, countryside and cities like Edinburgh.

Bunch of footage of cars in a bunch of environments. Each season in the shared world will affect everyone. All dynamic changes, but syncronised for all players.

60fps near guaranteed.

Quick chat on dpad to interact with players in the open world.

World Event. Races that require all players to cooperate and compete. Or challenges like get a high jump above the world score.

October 2nd 2018.


Phil Spencer talking about being invested in building the Microsoft Brand in games.

Microsoft increasing investment in Microsoft game studios.

Undead Labs acquired by Microsoft

Playground Games acquired by Microsoft.

Ninja Theory acquired by Microsoft.

Compulsion Games acquired by Microsoft. (We happy few)

We Happy Few about to release. Seeing a new trailer about control vs happiness.

And now seeing a whole bunch of footage in the trailer.

August 10 2018


Console Launch Exclusive

Pubg trailer going on here. Sanhok being shown off here, and War mode on console. Ballistic shield being shown off.

And a tease for the winter map.

Tales of Vesperia

World Premiere.

Anime going on.

Tales of Vesperia Definitive edition. Remake of one of the most popular of the series.

The Division 2

World Premiere.

Washington DC setting. People have resettled Washington.

Fight is now against a corrupt government.

Footage of Snowdrop Engine action for Division 2. Very pretty, Capitol Hill setting and a lot bigger environment. Fallen city, but with less skyscrapers and more open areas.

Big fight over air Force one. Shows off customisability and precisely shooting grenades off a belt. Lots of enemy variety and strange gadgets. Shooting enemies in weak points.

March 15 2019.

Xbox Game Pass

Ashley Speicher talking about Xbox Game Pass.

More games coming, faster access to all these game. Games are able to be downloaded and played 2x faster.

Master Chief collection coming later this year.

Forza horizon 4, crackdown 3 available on gamepass same day as global release.

Vermintide 2, Ashen and many others releasing on gamepass day of.

Today: The Division, Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4 on Gamepass.

Now a bunch of games all showing at once.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lots of story stuff going on. Lara has accidentally doomed a country by colonialism. She must fix it.

This looks like it has a significant amount more tombs.


Console Launch exclusive.

Crea-ture studios.

Session. City bound skating, I can see a lot of people being excited about this.

Devil May Cry

World Premiere.

Demon invasion game. DMC 5 from Capcom. Realistic world as someone fights demons. It’s not Dante as he’s turned up at the end of the trailer.

Itsuno on stage now.

Response to Devil May Cry fans, DMC and Itsuno are back. “Best game Itsuno ever made”

Spring 2019


Cuphead expansion. The delicious last course. And Ms Chalice character.

Coming 2019.


Console Launch Exclusive.

Finji. Tunic. Zelda inspired adventure game.  It has looked good from announcement, it continues to look good.

Bandai Namco: Jump Force

World Premiere. Shonen Jump crossover. Naruti and Goku and dude from One Piece. Third person action. Xenoverse style. Light appears t the end.

Dying Light 2

Set in a new city, with Chris Avellone as creative designer working with Techland.

Bleak and unforgiving city, with whole choices system to shape city in the way you want. “ecosystem that reacts to what you do, and how you do it”.

Gameplay being shown of player negotiating (violently) with people holding a water supply. If you give it to the government, they become more fascist and hold it.

If you work with the criminals, it draws more criminals, and make the area less safe.


Exclusive World Premiere

BRAND new game. Returning in 2019.

Just Cause

Exclusive world premiere.

Just Cause 4 Tornado  and natural disasters in the game, otherwise is more just cause. There is nothing wrong with that.

Coming December this year

Gears of War

World Premiere.

Gears A Funko Pop gears of war game. Coming to the Android and iOS Stores.

Coalition now on stage to show an actual console Gears of War game.

Also Gears Tactics. Xcom style gameplay.  

Also Gears 5. Showing cinematic of the main characters from 4 in winter gear. Bunch of infighting as characters try to find their truths. Big wide open spaces and environments.

3rd person melee combat. Weird cyborg enemies.

Spencer now back again.

Talking about how they’ve shown off the widest breadth of games possible. Also they all “play best on Xbox”.

Streaming console quality on any device apparently something they’re working on.

Hardware teams building the next Xbox. Firmly committed to new first party studios and new games.

The stream is interrupted by some kind of Cyber Hackers.

Cyberpunk 2077

Set in America. Cinematic trailer. This is a very Asian cyberpunk Blade Runner universe.


And that’s your lot from the E3 Microsoft Conference 2018. It really was Quite a lot. A significant amount of games, lots of quick looks.


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