Far Cry 5 Priest

Far Cry 5 takes a trip to Economic Anxiety Country

Far Cry 5 has just unveiled their announcement trailer for the newest title in the franchise.
As rumoured, it’s a modern day game, set in Montana, and featuring a Far Right Christian Cult as the antagonists.

The game is coming to us from Ubisoft Montreal will feature the player character as a Sheriff sent in to arrest the leader of the cult Eden’s Gate, Joseph  which has taken control of the small town of Hope County, Montana, USA.

Far Cry 5 Cult

They don’t necessarily seem to have even won a vote to be in charge, with the trailer showing people being pressganged into joining the milita, or being forcibly baptised. The town is supposedly filled with these religious fanatics, doomsday preppers and a host of supporting characters for the player to take quests from, including:

Mary May Fairgrave, Owner and Manager of the local bar, The Spread Eagle.

She’s got a personal vendetta against the cult and the molotovs to back it up:


Nick Rye, Pilot and soon to be father, who will do whatever it takes to defend his family from the fanatics. Up to and including mounting a minigun on a seaplane.

Pastor Jerome Jeffries: Pastor Jerome knows that a charismatic demagogue is hurting his flock with the blatant lies he’s telling them about safety and security. He seems to be going for a much more old testament reading of protecting his people now:

Other than that, hunting mechanics are on display, with fishing maybe being added to the mix. There’s also the usual assortment of big vehicles and car chases resulting in explosions that the Far Cry series is known for. The trailer is supposedly all in engine, and the Far Cry series is normally fairly good about showing off what the final product will look like.
Far Cry 5 Hunting

Game will apparently be featuring a character creator, which should mean the story will be less focussed on the past of the player character’s past a la Far Cry 4.
That should also mean female protagonists though, which will be a neat first for the series.

In addition, expanding on Far Cry 4, the whole campaign will be playable in co-op.

Far Cry 5 Prayingr

Also on display, airplanes, which will hopefully make getting around the assuredly very large world map easy, plus the usual helicopters and the like for aerial dogfights.

Speaking of dogfights, there’s a lot of pooches in that trailer, and according to other outlets, dogs will be playing a part in combat, where they can steal weapons and attack enemies.

Far Cry 5 Cross

Far Cry 5 will be launching on the 27th of February 2018 on PC, Xbox One (and Scorpio) and PS4. Due to a deal with Sony, the PS4 version will get some extra content too.

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